Alternators & Starters for Marine Boats & Motors

Plenty of industries use marine vehicles for things like shipping but people in general have also fallen in love with speed boats, fishing boats, pontoons, personal water crafts, jet skis and all the marine “toys” that make life more fun.

When you’re out on the water, enjoying the waves and the scenery, the last thing you want to worry about is a marine failure. Canadian Auto Electric has you covered. We’re North America’s go-to source for marine alternators and marine starters. Our premium products will keep your marine machines running constantly and reliably.

Naturally, it’s fun to add special features to your marine vessel or marine crafts. Refrigeration units, radars, televisions, lights or even computers are nice frills. But with extra bells and whistles comes an extra drain on your engine’s battery, especially if your craft or marine vessel is idle. A stock marine alternator may not be up to the challenge of maintaining power and performance. Luckily, CAE offers a wide array of specialized alternators and marine starters built specifically for marine use.

Our marine alternators include advanced, unique wound stators and rotors. They can generate up to 70 per cent better performance at idle than traditional marine alternators can. From inboard to onboard marine starters, CAE offers any type you need for water-craft and vessel application. If we don’t have the marine alternator in stock, we’ll solve the problem by remanufacturing units to meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer specifications.

Our marine alternators and marine starters are fully load-tested to ensure they meet our high standard for durability, reliability and performance under extreme conditions. Our remanufacturing process guarantees to meet your exact needs.

If you speak with our expert team of technicians today, they can tell you exactly what alternator or starter you need for specific marine use. CAE is the approved charging solution facility for all your marine water crafts and vessel’s with specialists who will keep you up-to-date on any new products, upgrades and innovations in this constantly changing industry.

Call 416) 299-1699 (toll-free: 888-283-7483) or e-mail us for the best in marine alternators and starters today.