Alternators & Starters for Lawn & Garden Equipment

Many kinds of lawn and garden equipment require alternators and starters and their demands are quite different from other forms of equipment.

Obviously, lawn and garden equipment such as John Deere, Wright, Vermeer, Honda Power Equipment and Yanmar is seasonal. This means that, during peak season, they’re literally ridden into the ground! Businesses owners – not to mention those seeking curb appeal – work their lawn and garden equipment overtime and often under extreme conditions. If not equipped with alternators and starters designed to withstand the conditions that accompany the lawn and garden season, equipment can fail.

Canadian Auto Electric is North America’s fleet solution for everything auto electric, including alternators and starters for lawn and garden equipment. We have a wide inventory of products designed to withstand rigorous, continuous use over a season and perform at peak levels. CAE has every product you need, whether it’s the most popular one on the market or the rarest and most specialized.

The same rings true for any other type of equipment used outside the home, even as the seasons change. In the warm weather, we’ll maximize power for your lawn mowers. In the fall, we’ll keep your leaf blowers blowing. In the winter, we’ll have your snow blowers and snow plows blasting their way through the driveway tundra. Just as lawn and garden equipment must withstand heat in the summer, snow blowers and plows must withstand extreme cold in the winter and need high-output alternators and starters.

Our expert team of technicians is known for its outstanding customer service. We’ll consult with you about your lawn and garden equipment and help you choose the alternators and starters best suited for your applications – even if you need your equipment to survive under the most demanding of conditions.

Time is of the essence during the lawn and garden season! Maximize your equipment’s uptime with Canadian Auto Electric, your ultimate fleet solution specialist. Learn more about our lawn and garden alternators and starters by calling (416) 299-1699 (toll-free: 888-283-7483) or e-mail us today.