High-Output Performance Alternators

Being a North American authority on alternators, starters and all things auto electric means CAE specializes in far more than just standard-performance products. We also manufacture and remanufacture high-output performance alternators.

High-output performance alternators improve your battery and electrical performance when the standard amperage output just won’t do. They’re commonly used in off-road vehicles, high-powered vehicles carrying many passengers (i.e. limousine, bus), in cold-weather situations (i.e. snow plow trucks, snow removal vehicles) and custom designed performance vehicles (i.e. high-output audio sound, show cars, tuner vehicles, hot rods & classic’s).

Consider the following questions:

  • Are you experiencing voltage drops?
  • Do you have competition audio sound systems?
  • Are you looking to upgrade your vehicle’s lighting system?
  • Do you have speciality on-board equipment that requires extreme power?
  • Are you experiencing reduced performance in your electrical accessories (i.e. cigarette lighter/12V power outlet, LCD television, heated/cooled seats, airbag suspension)?
If you answer “yes” to any of them, you may need a high-output performance alternator.

CAE is proud to offer a custom high-output performance alternator line-up with a variety of amperages ranging from 100Amps to over 500Amps with a Dual alternator set-up kit available on specific models. Among the other features our high-output performance alternators offer:

  • 98 per cent of our high-output performance alternators are direct bolt-on
  • Advanced stator winding for excellent and efficient cooling
  • 45 per cent increase in output over a conventionally wound alternator
  • More than 60 per cent of the maximum output at idle depending on the vehicle’s make and model
  • If needed, customized for high-durability to handle even the most demanding applications
Our manufactured and remanufactured extreme high-output performance alternators will keep your vehicle performing no matter how demanding the situation with extreme performance in mind.

Contact us today for the best in high-output performance alternators by calling (416) 299-1699 (toll-free: 888-283-7483) or by e-mailing us.