Alternators & Starters for EMS, Ambulance & Fire Trucks

Firefighters, paramedics and emergency medical services professionals are amazing people. They often put their own lives at risk to keep us safe. Professions like these have little margin for error; a minute-long delay can be the difference between life and death.

EMS, ambulance and fire trucks thus need to operate at 100 per cent all hours of the day. The slightest problem with a part like a starter or alternator can be catastrophic. These types of vehicles are also equipped with far more advance electrical devices than typical vehicles, including lights, sirens, heart monitors, on-board computers and so on; as a result, they expend far more power than most vehicles and require exceptional performance from their alternators.

That’s where Canadian Auto Electric comes in. We fulfill all the unique starter and alternator needs for EMS, ambulance and fire trucks. That includes carrying all the most trusted brands for emergency response vehicles available, including:

  • Bosch 12V / 24V
  • C.E. Niehoff 12V / 24V (275 – 400AMP)
  • Delco Remy 12V / 24V (40SI Brushless Alternators 240 – 300AMP)
  • DENSO 12V / 24V
  • GM 12V / 24V (150 – 270AMP)
  • ISKRA 12V / 24V
  • Leece Neville 12V / 24V
  • PennTex 12V / 24V (200 – 275AMP)
  • Ford 12V / 24V (150 – 270AMP)
  • Prestolite 12V / 24V (220 – 300AMP)
  • And more!
CAE’s specially designed high-performance emergency response alternators (HPERAs) perform to perfection under extreme pressure and temperatures, delivering a steady flow of power to the on-board emergency equipment. It’s a crucial feature, as such equipment not only requires considerable power to function, but any malfunction can be disastrous when someone’s life is on the line. Canadian Auto Electric’s HPERA units generate exceptional amperage even at idle, when emergency vehicles need it the most, and ensure they don’t lose power. Among our HPERAs’ other industry-leading features:

  • Heavy-duty electronics resistant to extreme high and low temperatures
  • Internal fans for greater air circulation over alternator electronics
  • High-output performance for greater amperage at idle while operating cooler
As for starters, our new premium Delco Remy starters are always in stock. We’re dedicated to finding and providing the most technologically advanced solutions possible. With one of our starters, you’ll never have to worry about your emergency vehicle failing you at a crucial moment. The newest model, the Delco Remy 39MT heavy-duty gear-reduction starter, features:

  • Industry-leading rotatable flange for maximum application coverage with just one starter
  • Over-crank protection (OCP) and internal magnetic switch (IMS), which monitors the starter’s internal temperature and prevents thermal damage while also reducing voltage drop. That ensures the solenoid receives the maximum voltage in any starting condition
  • 30 per cent faster engine-cranking speed (RPM) than other starters on the market
Dedicated to quality, durability, performance and innovation, Canadian Auto Electric is your fleet solution specialist. When the going gets tough, we get going. Our premium HPERA units will ensure your EMS, fire and ambulance vehicles run effectively and at improved performance rates. We pride ourselves in offering the most professional service possible and keeping our clients from the emergency response field up to date on any new product information and upgrades.

With lives on the line, you can’t risk equipping your vehicle with substandard parts. Call (416) 299-1699 (toll-free: 888-283-7483) or e-mail us today for more information on EMS, fire and ambulance alternators and starters.