DC Heavy-Duty Electric Motors

Your business depends on your equipment. At Canadian Auto Electric (CAE) we understand that. We know how vital it is to your business operations and how important it is that Snow Plows, Salters, Lift Gates, Winch Motors, Hydraulic Pump Motors, Industrial Equipment, Pallet Jack, Electric Fork Lifts, Electric Golf Carts, Aerial and Scissors Lifts and more are operational around the clock in today’s demanding business environment. Even if some of your equipment is utilized on a seasonal basis, it’s the driving force of your operations and any downtime is critical. Substandard DC Electric Motors just aren’t an option.

CAE understands the efficiency and mechanism of a DC Electric Motor. To put it in a nutshell, a DC Electric Motor consists of an armature, stator, commutator, brushes and magnet. The armature continuously rotates on bearings within the stator and the end of the armature coils contains a commutator which ultimately makes electrical contact from the brushes, armature, magnet and stator all together to create electrical current. These components are critical to the performance of the DC Electric Motor. Ensuring the components are in operating condition saves time and money from potential malfunctions.

Why Use Canadian Auto Electric (CAE) for Your DC Electric Motor Needs?

Canadian Auto Electric, since 1999, has been a leading remanufacturer of DC Heavy-Duty Electric Motors serving fleets, professionals, mechanics, garages, government and school boards. Quality, reliability and unparalleled client care is our mission. Canadian Auto Electric knows that quality and reliability is the # 1 factor that you’re looking for in DC Electric Motors.

Canadian Auto Electric’s DC Electric Motor Specialties include remanufacturing:
  • Brush and Brushless DC Electric Motors
  • Prestolite DC Motors
  • Reversible DC Electric Motors
  • Delco Remy DC Electric Motors
  • Sealed DC Electric Motors
  • Permanent Magnet and Non-Permanent Magnet Motors
  • 6V Continuous / Intermittent Electric Motors
  • 12V Continuous / Intermittent Electric Motors
  • 24V Continuous / Intermittent Electric Motors
  • 36V Continuous / Intermittent Electric Motors
The CAE Difference

At CAE, we’re dedicated to providing you with quality DC Electric Motor Products, Parts and Services. We service, carry and stock DC Electric Motors which operate at the highest performance level possible, including trusted industry leading brands. Choose from remanufactured, new aftermarket alternative and brand-new OEM DC Electric Motors.

Our decisive remanufacturing process for DC Electric Motors uses only premium-quality brand-new component parts (not just reconditioned) and is load-tested on a computerized test-bench to ensure quality and durability.

We’ve built premium quality right into our processes:
  • CAE’s DC Electric Motors are thoroughly tested to ensure reliability and performance adhering to O.E.M specifications.
Our People
Our knowledgeable, expert staff are ready to help your company and fleet with technical advice at any level of difficulty, with certified and licensed mechanics on staff for full service installations.

At CAE we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service for a superior overall experience. The technicians at CAE can give you technical service and support before, during and after installation of all DC Electric Motor products covered by CAE.

  • Read about our DC Electric Motor Warranty
The staff at CAE are “Driven To Exceed” your expectations with professional service you deserve. Come on in to experience the CAE difference. Don’t forget, CAE is your ultimate fleet solution specialists.

We service, carry and stock most DC Electric Motor Products with coverage available through 2013.

Here are just a few of the DC Electric Motor brands CAE services and stocks: IronHorse, Hansen, Baldor, Rae, Joliet, Dunmore, Groschopp, Telco Intercontinental, Columbus Fan & Machine, Koffler, Aerotech, Brehob, BEI Kimco Magnetics, Island, CS Unitec, Leeson, US Motors, Dayton, Century and more.

Contact us today for the best in Remanufactured, New Aftermarket Alternative, and Brand-New OEM DC Electric Motors by calling (416) 299-1699 or Toll Free (888) 283-7483