Alternators & Starters for Commercial Trucks and Fleets

Consumer expectations for commercial deliveries are through the roof today. When we want something, we want it now, and we count on trucking fleets to deliver the goods on extremely short notice.

As a result, delivery trucks are pushed to the limits today. They work day in, day out, often under extreme hot and cold temperatures, striving to meet specific deadlines transporting important and just-in-time commodities. Since timing is everything in commercial trucking, fleets cannot risk equipping their vehicles with substandard starters and alternators.

At Canadian Auto Electric, we understand that trucking fleets can’t afford downtime. That’s why we offer a complete line of reliable, durable, state-of-the-art alternators and starters designed specifically for commercial trucking fleets.

CAE: Truck Fleet Solution Specialists

As experts in auto electric parts for all types of vehicles in all types of situations, we have alternators and starters to meet every commercial trucking & refrigeration need imaginable. Need a high-output alternator with increased amperage at idle levels to give you more power? We’ve got those. How about a gear-reduction starter for especially tough applications? We’ve got those, too. Our gear-reduction starters install faster than traditional starters and provide unrivalled cranking power to perform under rigorous conditions. There’s a reason why our customers call us the fleet solution specialists.

In many trucks, refrigeration units are just as important as the vehicles themselves. For certain products, especially food and beverages, just-in-time delivery won’t matter if they aren’t kept cool and fresh. Advanced electrical refrigeration is therefore a crucial feature for many trucks. Because refrigeration units are constantly in use, they seriously tax automotive electrical systems. To fit the special power needs of trucks equipped with refrigeration systems, CAE manufactures and remanufactures premium-quality alternators and starters customized to withstand demanding conditions. We can tailor our high-output alternators for truck refrigeration units to exceed OEM specifications for greater energy demands. CAE commits to quality, durability, performance and innovation for a company you can trust as your fleet solution specialist.

Our expert team will keep you in the know about all the latest information on high-output alternators for trucking fleets, gear-reduction starters, brushless-design alternators and numerous other products designed to give your vehicle’s auto electric system long life, reliability and performance. We can help you identify the correct manufacturer for your commercial trucking fleet and refrigeration unit with trusted brands such as:

  • Bosch 12V / 24V
  • Delco Remy 12V / 24V (Delco Remy 28MT, Delco Remy 37MT, Delco Remy 39MT, Delco Remy 40MT, Delco Remy 41MT, Delco Remy 42MT, Delco Remy 50MT, 22SI, Delco Remy 24SI, Delco Remy 28SI, Delco Remy 33SI, Delco Remy 34SI, Delco Remy 35SI, Delco Remy 36SI, Delco Remy 40SI J-Mount & Pad-Mount)
  • DENSO 12V / 24V
  • Ford 12V / 24V
  • GMC 12V / 24V
  • HINO 12V / 24V
  • Hitachi 12V / 24V
  • ISKRA 12V / 24V
  • Leece Neville 12V / 24V
  • Marelli 12V / 24V
  • PennTex 12V / 24V
  • Prestolite 12V / 24V
  • And more!
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