Alternators & Starters for School Buses

School buses require some of the rarest, most specialized forms of power from alternators and starters.

Naturally, school bus alternators and starters must be built to last and to never fail at a crucial moment, as we never want children to be stranded in a potentially unsafe situation. But the demands of the machinery are more complex than just that. School buses have plenty of on-board electrical equipment, including specialized lighting, but they also stop and start frequently. It’s very difficult for a battery to generate enough power to maintain peak performance when constantly at idle. Charging time for school bus batteries is complicated as electrical loads must be met at low speeds. Also, the frequent stops and starts with a diesel engine mean that cranking power in starters must be met instantly.

Canadian Auto Electric understands the unique conundrums school Buses present. We’ve found solutions in the form of proven, premium-quality alternators and starters tailored to handle school Buses’ unique needs. We are authorized distributors for OEM Delco Remy & DENSO heavy-duty alternators and starters.

Our new Delco Remy 28 SI and 40 SI alternators, for example, are specifically designed to handle school-bus operations’ demanding electrical loads. Among the high-output alternators’ specialized features:

  • An industry-leading remote sense function which reduces battery charge time by 50 per cent while maintaining 14 volts
  • A second wire that reads actual battery voltage and signals the alternator to compensate for a voltage drop, ensuring 14 volts at the battery
  • Built and tested under rigorous conditions to handle up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit (low) and 257 degrees Fahrenheit (high)
  • In the 28 SI model, a dual internal fan design the improves air circulation over the alternator’s electronics
  • In the 40 SI model, a brushless design to increase service life and durability dramatically
  • All three industry mounting styles – J180 hinge short, long mount and pad mount – are available and range from 160-300 amperage.
Our school bus alternators don’t just maximize your vehicle’s performance; they save you significant amounts of money. As CAE alternators convert mechanical power into electrical power, less fuel is consumed. Data collected from our school bus applications show that Delco Remy’s high-output alternators reduce fuel costs by up to 20 per cent.

Our new DENSO school bus starters are also state-of-the-art (removed “and”) built to handle both harsh conditions and the grind of constant stopping and starting. The starters include:

  • Lightweight design
  • An electrical soft-start engagement system
  • Self-contained clutch shafts
  • Sealed heavy-duty ball bearings
  • High torque
  • Industry-leading torque limiter, which protects the starter’s ring gear from damage
  • Solenoid and clutch arranged coaxially for smooth engagement, high durability and long life
Our plethora of specialized alternator and starter features speak for themselves. Canadian Auto Electric has your fleet covered for the most technologically advanced, fuel-efficient school-bus products in North America. Our expert team can answer any questions you may have about these complex creations and keep you updated on any new innovations and upgrades.

Make your school bus fleet the safest, most reliable and most fuel-efficient in your region. Call 416) 299-1699 (toll-free: 888-283-7483) or e-mail us for the best in school bus alternators and starters.