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Canadian Auto Electric - Constant Velocity Drives

Canadian Auto Electric - Constant Velocity Drives

Canadian Auto Electric - Constant Velocity Drives

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For more than 25 years, Canadian Auto Electric and its sister company, Constant Velocity Drives (CVD,) have been leading North American providers of auto electric parts and repair services for every type of vehicle and industry imaginable. Our satisfied customers include national and local fleets both light and heavy duty, school boards, government, garages, auto electric shops, dealerships and more. We focus on manufacturing, remanufacturing and rebuilding domestic and imported auto electric parts, including Alternators & Starters, DC Electric Motors, CV Axles, Power Steering Parts, Pumps, Rack & Pinion and Gear Boxes.

Our Mission: Quality, Reliability, Unparalleled Client Care

Looking at CAE’s mechanical facilities or distribution centers, it’s easy to see what the company does. Simply put, Canadian Auto Electric manufactures, remanufactures and recycles:
  • Alternators
  • Agricultural, construction, transit and coach alternators and starters
  • CV Axles
  • Farming, industrial, commercial, and machinery alternators & starters
  • DC Electric Motors
  • Forklift and lawn & garden alternators and starters
  • Light cars & trucks alternators and starters
  • Medium and heavy duty truck alternators & starters
  • Power Steering Products
  • Marine, fire, EMS and ambulance alternators and starters
  • Starters
  • And much more!
But there’s a deeper meaning behind every action the company takes. CAE follows a Critical Management System that commits to the following key mission principles:
  1. Provide premium product quality.
  2. Manufacture reliable products.
  3. Dedicate to the best possible client care.
  4. Become a company people trust.
  5. Drive clean and green.
Adhering to that mission statement is vital to Canadian Auto Electric’s ultimate goal: to become North America’s No.1 OEM auto electric manufacturer.

The CAE Difference

The difference between CAE and the competition is simple: we’re driven by quality, providing superior auto electric services, which is why more than 80 per cent of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals. For those not familiar with Canadian Auto Electric and Constant Velocity Drives, read on.

Price Savings
Using OEM auto electric parts – particularly when remanufacturing them – can save buyers as much as 50 per cent compared to new parts. Canadian Auto Electric remanufactures parts to give them good-as-new value, providing an affordable alternative for the automotive industry. CAE is also an OEM distributor for Delco Remy & DENSO heavy-duty parts such as alternators & starters.

Quality & Safety
CAE goes through a decisive remanufacturing process which fundamentally tests and double-checks all its remanufactured auto electric parts, adhering to specifications and preparing products for safe use in vehicles. In order to ensure industry-leading quality, all auto electric parts are serviced on-site using remanufactured parts manufactured in North America, Japan and Europe (France & Germany). Moreover, all CAE and CVD products are thoroughly tested to meet and/or exceed OEM specifications. Few auto electric parts manufacturers and remanufacturers test their products to the standards set by Canadian Auto Electric and Constant Velocity Drives.

State-of-the-art Technology
Canadian Auto Electric manufactures and remanufactures all products on-site using state-of-the-art testing and diagnostic equipment, the latest auto electric parts manufacturing technology (including fully computerized test benches), CNC and computer printouts for product testing and full specification printouts that all meet and/or exceed OEM specifications.

Parts Warranty and Extended Warranty Programs
One reason people buy our parts with confidence: All Canadian Auto Electric Parts and Constant Velocity Drive Parts, products and services carry a standard one-year warranty or 20,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. CAE also offers extended warranty programs from 12 to 24 months. To find out more about our warranty policies, click here.

Professional Service and Advice
CAE staffers are hybrids in that they possess detailed knowledge about recycling quality OEM auto parts but also provide “dealer style” customer service. They’re a unique breed of licensed mechanics and trained technicians. Customers also get their price and availability inquiries answered via CAE’s experienced and trained customer service representatives using technologically advanced automotive software.

Quality & Convenience
CAE’s ever-expanding product line, augmented by relationships with 10 major suppliers, always filters through the company’s dedicated quality control team. Once the products are available, customers enjoy them quickly and conveniently. CAE is a Cross-North America service and offers same-day turnaround time on most items.

Resource and Energy Savings
The lower the demand for brand-new OEM parts, the lower the demand for natural resources. Remanufacturing parts protects the environment for the future. CAE, a participating automotive remanufacturer, plays an important role in recycling OEM cores and preparing premium quality products.

Our Company Milestones

Canadian Auto Electric’s array of modern facilities and testing equipment has given the company an industry-wide reputation as an innovator and trendsetter. In addition to specialized terminals for client care, CAE offers every type of original manufacturer equipment (OEM) testing available, from standard bench testing to computerized tests that exceed OE specifications.

CAE stays ahead of the competition and keeps customers happy by deploying the newest-possible technology. That includes purchasing brand-new computerized numeric control (CNC) machines and deploying a computerized diagnostic system for alternators and starters.

All this state-of-the art technology is housed inside the freshly built CAE mechanical facility – where meticulous research and development is paramount. After analyzing and diagnosing various OE electrical problems, Canadian Auto Electric’s work isn’t over. It teams with part suppliers to solve original manufacturer equipment dilemmas and ensure they never occur again. The result is better designs, enhanced performance and more reliability among auto electric parts. CAE is an Automotive Parts Remanufacturing Association (ARPA) member, dedicated to improving development of remanufactured automotive products.

CAE’s work gets noticed. Clients around North America continuously recognize and praise the company for its dependability, genuine care and rigorous research efforts. CAE also has a reputation as a top wholesaler for auto electric products – one that remanufactures even the rarest parts.

Our Corporate Vision: Going Green

In this age of Global Warming and the need to control automotive emissions, auto electric remanufacturing just makes sense. Not only does it save the energy and resources used to produce new car parts, it modifies and enhances existing products, increasing their longevity while making them more environmentally friendly.

As an industry leader in auto electric part remanufacturing, Canadian Auto Electric is part of the solution. CAE aspires to do their part with continuous improvement through the remanufacturing of premium-quality automotive products.

Contact us today for the best in North American auto electric parts and services by calling (416) 299-1699 (toll-free: 888-283-7483 or by e-mailing us.